Workers Compensation


If are injured at work then you are entitled to receive compensation under the workers compensation scheme in the state in which you work. Compensation is intended to help you return to where you would have been in but for the injury and so what you get depends on the injury. Any manner of recognised medical condition caused by work is sufficient.

The scheme is there to help you get paid for time you have to take off work for your injury, medical expenses you have to incur to allow you to fully recover, and various costs. For more serious injuries or if your employer is the one responsible for your injury (intentionally or through a failure to take appropriate safety precautions) you may also be entitled to payments that acknowledge the suffering that the injury has inflicted on you.

The extent of any compensation will vary wildly from case to case and it is important to talk to a lawyer to ensure that you are receiving the most you possibly can receive. In fact, you should always get a qualified legal opinion (even if you decide you want to run the claim yourself) because your injury may entitle you to claim substantially more than you think.

Workers compensation insurance is mandatory in Australia. No matter where you work or who you work for. But depending on your employer, the rules that govern your compensation scheme may be different. Regardless your employer must always give you information on how you can make a claim (a failure to do so can be reported and carries penalties). In the rare cases where an employer is not insured, there are special penalties in place and a special insurer that will manage your claim to ensure that you receive compensation regardless.

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