Debt Recovery


Whether you have supplied a good or service to someone or loaned money, sometimes you are owed money but the debtor refuses to pay and you might find that you are unsure how to go about forcing payment.

The process for recovery of money begins with ensuring that you are in fact entitled to be repaid money right now. This is sometimes a more complex than it may appear. Once it is clear that you are owed the money and entitled to immediate repayment it is often a matter of taking the issue to a suitable court.

The nature of debt recovery is that money needs to be spent to recover money. Often you will be entitled to recoup a proportion of what you spend as part of this process, this will be added to the debt owed to you.

Our experienced team of solicitors at Maxwell & Co have ample experience recovering debts from debtors and can point you in the right direction or represent you in court.


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