Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Debt Management


When debt becomes overwhelming there are processes in place to help both creditors and debtors. There are a variety of process that can be both voluntary and involuntary and are intended to help the debtor get their affairs in order. Oftentimes the first point of contact will be a bankruptcy practitioner or a financial advisor. Where you find that your debts are overwhelming you, this can be a very wise first step in the road to recovery and you can save yourself the legal costs of having lawyers get embroiled in the process.

However, where a debtor simply cannot get their affairs in orders, creditors can forcefully kick-start the bankruptcy process. This is a convoluted process that can in some instances require complex litigation.

The team at Maxwell & Co can deal with these complex cases and help advise you on how these processes may assist you in recovering monies owing to you.

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Debt or Bankrupcy?

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