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Sebastian Marquez

Managing Solicitor

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Sebastian has an LLB and a Masters of Legal Practice from the Australian National University (ANU) and has been practicing since 2016. He is admitted in the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and the High Court of Australia.

Sebastian has focused his legal career on litigation and disputes. He started his career working in a range of personal injury areas and commercial disputes. He has since focused his expertise on building and construction law but he continues to practice and appear in litigious disputes in both ACT and NSW courts.

Sebastian writes extensively and engages with the local community and was previously a member of the ACT Young Lawyer’s Committee. Sebastian approaches problems from diverse perspectives, continuously seeking innovative solutions always looking to foster a collegiate work environment. His open-door policy and friendly disposition make him approachable, always willing to engage in meaningful conversations and he seeks to extend that same philosophy to his dealings with clients.

As an avid writer and reader of fiction, Sebastian understands the power of storytelling and its ability to shape perspectives. His creative pursuits expand beyond literature into the realm of board games. This focus on creativity and innovation can often show in his approach to legal issues presented by clients.

Sebastian is a managing solicitor at Maxwell & Co and he is responsible for the litigation and dispute resolutions team dealing with a range of commercial and personal actions. Having extensive experience appearing in court Sebastian understands the cost, the stress, and the time-consuming nature of court processes. Sebastian’s philosophy is that court proceedings should, wherever possible, be the measure of absolute last resort, and he works hard so that his clients can resolve disputes quickly and expeditiously so that they never set foot in a courtroom.

Sebastian approaches problems from diverse perspectives, continuously seeking innovative solutions.
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